Car hire crete

Car hire crete

The island of Crete has a bit of everything modern tourists look for when planning an active vacation and a good transportation like Crete Car Rental can make a big difference.

The largest of all the islands in Greece, Crete doesn’t disappoint tourists with its wealth of activities.

From interesting sites, ranging from old Venetian castles and Byzantine monasteries to its natural beauty, most notably its coastline, this provides the backdrop for a landscape comprising mountain ranges, gorges and caves, waiting to be explored by Crete Car Rental.

Souda bay crete car rental destination photoArcadi Monastery, located in the mountains, is one of the most important historical sites in Crete.

A symbol of resistance against the Turks and a resting place for many fighters and civilians who died there at the time of rebellion in 1866.

Their remains are preserved in an ossuary. Many people's favourite places on Crete is Chania, a Venetian harbour, with museums, shops, excellent places to eat. The biggest attraction on Crete is the Minoan Palace at Knossos.

There were actually several palaces or residences, with the first one built around 2000 BC, but it was destroyed by an earthquake 300 years later.

So was the second, even greater palace, probably by a huge tidal wave after an eruption of the volcano on Santorini, causing a huge tidal wave. All in all, it is understood that the palace once housed over a thousand rooms. Knossos is not the only palace in Crete. Phaistos and Malia are just as interesting.

Aquarium and Reptile Rescue centre in Hersonissos Port are something quite different, as is Souda Bay War Cemetery. It's for those who don't forget about the 2nd world war. Not a tourist site but a place to reflect. There is no shortage of good beaches in Crete, Elafonissi, Balos Lagoon, Stalis, to name a few.

Balos lagoon Crete car rental destination photoTo supplement these natural beauty tourist activities on offer on the island include many water sports, as well as snorkelling and scuba ping. Whilst the interior of the island offers a host of scenic mountain trails and activities. Other places of interest include the zoo in the public gardens at Chania and the northern part of the island offering a busy cosmopolitan appeal with bars and nightclubs lining the ancient streets. The close proximity of the other Greek Isles makes each one as appealing as the other with the opportunity to hop from island to island.

Car rentals in Crete

Many people opt for airport car hire in crete. You’ll find it efficient, when booked in advance your car will be waiting for you when you arrive, making airport car hire in Crete the simple and affordable option.